Fish McBites

The Fish McBites were a McDonald's menu item similar to the Chicken McBites, these are small pieces of flaky Alaskan Pollock filet, the same used in the Filet-O-Fish, [1] dipped in a golden batter and fried until they are golden brown, and served with Tartar sauce for dipping. Fish McBites were introduced as an alternative option for McDonald's food to eat during lent. They were sold in a special carton-style container with a lid that held dipping sauces when open, and were included in Happy Meals as well. They came in three sizes, Snack (10 pieces), Medium (15 pieces), and Shareable (30 pieces).

They got their debut in February 2013, but were discontinued in early April 2013, due to a lack of sales.

They were sold in other countries in the early 2000's, as Fish McDippers.[2]

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