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7 Helpful Blogging Stats [INFOGRAPHIC]

Interested in how blogging can help your business? Here’s an infographic with 7 helpful blogging stats!

Reading Time:4 mins August 6, 2014

As a new member of an Inbound Marketing team, I have recently learned quite a bit about content marketing. There are many different strategies you can take, such as whether you will outsource your marketing or do it all in-house.

One of the key tips I have picked up from working at a marketing company is that blogging is extremely valuable in making your website visible. I always have thought of blogging as a hobby; for travelers or DIY-crafters. I knew that some businesses had blogs, but I was blind to the fact that blogging can actually help your business rank better and become more visible to consumers than those who don’t blog.

If you’re as skeptical as I was pre-inbound marketing, then just take a look at this infographic with seven helpful blogging stats. You just might be surprised.

Blog Stats Infographic

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How do I start an actual blog and where do I direct if for best exposure? Is there a page where on starts a blog?

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