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The History and Influence of the Hashtag [Infographic]

The ubiquitous hashtag. How did it come into existence? And just how important are hashtags to your social media marketing? Find the the answers to these questions and more in this infographic!

Reading Time:5 mins April 3, 2015

Like Any Good Story, Let’s Start at the Beginning.

The pound sign was first created as an abbreviation for the Latin phrase libra pondo, or “pound weight.”

The symbol’s first use as a “hashtag” wasn’t until 1988 as a way to categorize content on the IRC (Internet Relay Chat). But it wasn’t introduced to social media until 2007, when Chris Messina tweeted the following:

That single tweet was the spark that ignited the entire hashtag trend. However, to give credit where credit is due, we have to thank Stowe Boyd, for coining the term “hashtag” – although we wouldn’t recommend adding the word “hashtag” to your everyday vocabulary.

Now, hashtags are not only used daily by individuals, but businesses have taken to use hashtags as a marketing tool. And after using hashtags day in and day out at work for nearly a year, I can honestly say that the power of the hashtag is undeniable – just review the infographic below for all the proof you need.

Hashtag History Infographic Artboard 15

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