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5 Blogging Techniques That Help Boost Local Businesses

A regularly updated blog is a great way for small businesses to find leads and establish credibility. Here are 5 effective blogging techniques to boost local business.

Reading Time:4 mins September 25, 2014

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A regularly updated blog is a great way for small businesses to find leads and establish credibility within their sector. Frequent blogging is a strategy that not only increases traffic, but can add value to a website. Fresh, well-written content will keep bringing readers back; visitors who could eventually turn into customers.

5 Blogging Techniques That Help Boost Local Businesses

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To boost the profitability of your local business, try these 5 effective blogging techniques.

1) Create a Bond with Your Readers

If you run a local business you automatically have a major advantage – it’s much easier for you to bond with your audience than an international company. Since your business is in the same geographical location as your prospects, you can appeal to them by blogging about local events and news. Instead of always talking about your business, its products, and its services, take the time to appeal to the locals by talking about something that they can easily relate to. This will help you build trust.

2) Post Consistently

Running a small or medium sized business can be very demanding and time-consuming. Most companies do not have a dedicated professional to manage their blog, so it often becomes a second priority. The problem is, blogs are only effective if they are regularly updated. Therefore, if you are particularly busy, just post a shorter blog post. Just ensure that you’re always providing informative and valuable insight to your readers.

3) Sound Authoritative

It is very important for local businesses to sound like an authoritative, knowledgeable company that customers can depend on. Don’t be afraid to show off your industry knowledge in your blog posts.

Even if you are a new business owner, ensure that you do not let any insecurity reflect in your writing. Eventually, this will help you win the trust of your readers. Lucy Bee is a prime example of a small business owner making the most out of her knowledge. When she started her coconut oil company she published a long post about its health benefits. Now that word has spread, her blog has made her a respected resource in the health and beauty industry.

4) Engage Your Audience

The key to successful blogging is to keep readers engaged and interested. A blog can be an invaluable resource if it’s used as a venue for reader engagement and discussion. This will also encourage sharing on social media. For example, when The Pink Group developed their Social Media Cheat Sheet it was their reader engagement that made it go viral. Within a few days it went on to amass over 7,000 shares on Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t be afraid to ask open-ended questions that will motivate your readers to leave comments. This will allow you to build credibility through conversation.

5) Make the Most of Company Events

If you are introducing a new product or have a special event or a promotion, be sure to talk about it on your blog. However, don’t make it overly promotional. Remember, good quality informative information should always take precedence.

Creating and maintaining a blog can take a lot of time and effort; however, it will allow you to engage with prospects, win their faith, and eventually, get their business.

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