Rice is used by McDonald's in various products in various markets.


McRice refer to a rice burger with rice replaced bread, which was/is available inrestaurants McDonalds in Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.

Nasi Uduk/Nasi Lemak

In 2018, Mcdonald's introduced the Nasi Lemak in Malaysia and Nasi Uduk in Indonesia. Mcdonald's nasi lemak contains coconut milk cooked rice, a choice of spicy or crispy fried chicken, anchovies in sambal, fried egg and cucumber. Meanwhile Mcdonald's nasi uduk consists of coconut milk cooked rice, a choice of spicy or crispy fried chicken, fried egg, shrimp paste sambal and topped off with fried shallots.

Rice Bowl

McDonalds used to sell rice bowls in its restaurants in Indonesia, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.

Vietnam McDonald's also have a similar product but served on disc.

There's also something like Mushroom Pepper Steak served in the Philippines.

Rice Wraps

Rice rolls were sold in McDonalds of some coutnries.


In Indonesia, China, Malaysia and some other countries, McDonalds also serve congee.

Gallo pinto

Gallo pinto is a traditional Costa Rica dish being served in Costa Rica.


Rice are served as an breakfast item in some countries including the United States, the Philippines, and etc.


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